Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Quickwrite: Duck Story

A mother duck and her baby ducks went for a stroll after their swim at the pond. They were crossing the street, hoping no vehicles would squish them flat! As they were nearing the end of the street, which felt like an eternity, the mother looked back and realized her babies were nowhere to be found. As she was starting to panic, she heard a faint sound of chirping. She had no idea where they were! Then, she realized the faint sound of chirping sounded like it was coming from the sewer drain. She quacked and quacked hoping her babies were alive down there, and that some way or some how they would escape the sewer drain and reunite with their mother. She then stopped hearing the sound of chirps all together and decided it was too late and her babies were gone, forever. As she turned around and went on her way sadly, she started to hear the sounds of baby ducks chirping. She waddled her way all the way towards a hot dog cart, and behind it were her babies! They were just hungry for some hot dog buns and waddled over speedy fast without their mom even having a clue. From that day on, the mother duck never let her babies out of her sight ever again


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