Thursday, 3 October 2013

6th memoir

This photo means a lot to me. This picture was taken exactly 1 week before she, Rio, passed away. I love this photo because you never would've know she was sick with cancer and passed away soon after, if I hadn't told you. She looks like she's genuinely happy and actually smiling. She was the best dog I've/will ever have. My memoir "I'll always be by your side." represents how even though Rio isn't here withe anymore, she's still with me, watching over me, as a guardian angel. I added the boarder in because I thought the picture would be too plain without it. I also added in a heart because Rio will always be in my heart until I pass away too. I didn't add any punctuation in this memoir because I thought it would ruin it. I like the simplicity of it just being a 6 letter sentence with no punctuation.

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