Thursday, 14 November 2013

Quick write: Meeting the Grim Reaper on the Road


The sun was creeping through the tall, luscious green trees of this beautiful early fall day. I could feel the warmth of the suns rays on my face. I loved the way the leaves crunched beneath my feet with every step I took. I was on my way home when a nice cool breeze wafted the smell of something rotten into my nostrils. That's when I noticed a tall figure at the end of my path. He looked lost. "Hello sir" I said cheerily. He looked panicked to see me, almost as if he had seen a ghost. "Could you help me find my way?" He retorted. I smiled, "Why of course, where are you headed?" He hesitated before replying with "I'm looking for Mr.Bilbo?" coldly. I took a step back, thrown off by his response. It was in that moment when everything clicked. The long black robe, the scythe in his right hand, the atrocious smell that wafted by me earlier, and the inability for me to see his face? This was no man; this was death, and he was here to take me with him.

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