Monday, 2 December 2013

Practicing Dialogue

It was a hazy summer mid-day in New York City. We were on top of our apartment building looking out at the beautiful city. The wind was blowing the loose strands of my up-do hair, while I tried to keep my body from shivering. A thought then occurred to me in that moment, 

"Wouldn't you just love to runaway somewhere?" I asked as I uncrossed my arms. "Somewhere you could just start over?" 

Alyssa looked at me like I had caught her off guard. 

"I don't know... doesn't that scare you?" 

I turned back towards the horizon, staring at the beautiful concrete jungle when Alyssa blurted out abruptly, 

"Lets do it." 

"Do what?" I said confused.

"Runaway somewhere!" 

I started thinking about it, about how I could start over. I really wanted a fresh start. But I couldn't just leave my job and other friends and family behind, I just couldn't. 

"Don't think about it Elena, just..." 

I started to float off into a wonder land. Wondering what would happen or what wouldn't happen if I did or didn't go. 

"...And would be an amazing story to tell our kids one day!" Alyssa finished. 

"Yes." I blurted. 

"Yes?" Alyssa replied. 

"Lets runaway." I said. 


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